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To identify and verify the users each and every application provides sign-in functionality to its user, since a lot of websites are now providing the sign in functionality it’s very hard for a user to remember the password they have chosen, and most of the times they need to reset their password. So to reset the credentials application provides Forgot Password Pages from which users can easily reset their passwords.

How Password Reset Functionality Works ?

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Writing code and making it error-free is a difficult task for a developer. Furthermore, if developers need to debug Java code, it makes the task more difficult. Debugging your Java code not only eliminates errors but also enhances the code’s quality. In addition, it aids developers in gaining a better understanding of the code.

What is debugging?

Debugging is a process in which developers must detect and solve code, projects, and other software issues. It aids in detecting code faults and determining the root cause of issues, among other things.

A developer may need to invest additional time to resolve a bug. Some…

Implement Security Testing in your SDLC


What is SDLC and its phases?

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Before moving further to learn about the best things in AWS, we need to gather basic knowledge about What cloud is. You can go through my previous blog to understand it i.e.

Understanding and Securing Cloud Environment

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