Before moving further to learn how to secure Docker, you must get familiar with the basics of Docker. you can do so by reading previous blog of mine on Docker, i.e.:

Understanding Docker

How to secure Docker?

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What is Profiling?

In computer programming, the meaning of “profiling” is “finding and optimizing those resources that can decrease the response time, cache time, interruptions, and usage of individual instructions in a computer program.”

Simply put, we can implement profiling to improve the execution timing of a program and reduce the utilization of the CPU resources. Most applications are now hosted on the cloud. If you utilize those resources carefully, you can reduce the cost that you incur on them. This will also make your code more efficient.

What is error reporting?

“Error Reporting” is used to generate the errors a program is causing. We can use this to find the problematic statements in the program such as Variable not initialized, Stack trace related errors, and kernel related errors. So it’s a very good function to detect and remediate the runtime errors. Generally developers did it in the developing phase.

  1. To know more why a specific error has been caused..
  2. Some organizations keep this feature compulsory in the initial phase of development and try to make it simple so more users will report the errors.

But think about that condition where developers…

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