Advanced Kubernetes Security

Gupta Bless
7 min readApr 30, 2022


Kubernetes is used for automating processes such as deployment, management and scaling of containerized applications. Docker is among those applications that operate on Kubernetes and it may be used to execute the Microservices, not only deploying them but also managing them. In Kubernetes several containers can run but Single containers are recommended within a node since a single process gives greater security or we can integrate multiple programmes into a single process in order to achieve better processing and management.

Misconfiguration in Kubernetes can be in numerous parts of kubernetes as it consists of several layers such as cloud, cluster, container or code. For example if there is an image that is employing a vulnerable software package and is being used within a container. If there is a major vulnerability in the package then an attacker can exploit that vulnerability and might acquire access to the cluster. Sometimes these vulnerabilities can allow the access to the full kubernetes installation which might consist of several containers within a cluster

In order to protect Kubernetes we have several categories such as we can secure its host, its components, or can secure it in build phase, deploy phase or at-last the runtime phase. Each phase has distinct techniques to protect the kubernetes or we have some…