Best practice to implement Patch Management

Gupta Bless
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Regular implementation of patch management is a necessary activity. The goal of this practice is to keep an organization’s software and operating system versions up-to-date and secure against known vulnerabilities. We learned that the vendor had issued a new version of their product, with the stated goal of fixing any bugs that had been discovered (no matter how big or minor) and, in some cases, adding new features.

When a company heavily relies on software, for instance, and a hacker discovers that it is running a version of the program that is known to be susceptible, the hacker gains access to the company’s internal systems and can commit fraud against the company’s employees. It’s crucial in these situations to locate the vulnerable build or eliminate the danger altogether. The use of patch management software may make this a reality.

We are cognizant of the critical importance of effective Patch management to any enterprise. Organizational stability and regulatory compliance can be improved by the use of patch management, which aids in the reduction of attack surface, protection of sensitive data, and the mitigation of vulnerabilities. Increased software security is a side effect of better program management.

Best Practices for Patch Management:


Every business must prioritize patch management implementation. Let’s talk about some good habits to adopt before launching a patch management system.

Updated policy, procedure and documentation

It is essential that our current policies, procedures, and documents are in sync with the present situation, and this can only be achieved by consistent policy reviews. The current inventory and evaluation list can also be kept up to date with this information. Because new assets are added and old ones are retired, it is necessary to maintain a current asset list in order to perform patch management activities.

This process also aids in conforming the firm to applicable norms and laws in the…

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