CSRF while creating group albums with public rights


· What is CSRF

· Introduction about functionality

· Steps: Proof of Concept

· Impact

· How to fix

· What is CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery): CSRF is an attack that forces an end user to execute unwanted actions on a web application in which he/she is currently authenticated. With the help of social engineering (like sending a link via email/chat), an attacker may force the user of a web application to execute actions of the attacker’s choice.

This occurs when the web applications cannot make a difference whether the request was initiated by the legit user or by a third-party site.

· Introduction about functionality: I am working on website, let’s call it “www.somesite.com”. The following endpoint “https://<URL>/action.php?mode=createalbumgroup” is used to create a group album with public access.

Look at this request and you will find out that this request doesn’t have any CSRF checks /tokens.

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whatsoever, which allows a malicious user to create group album in your a/c.

· Steps: Proof of Concept

  1. Click on album icon and select “Add to group”, while burp intercept is on. Intercepted request is shown in the image below.
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2) While checking the intercepted the request, I saw 4 parameters travelling in body

· alid = album id

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· albumgroupname = which I took same as the intercepted request.

· albumgroupname = Name of the album that may be given by attacker, in this case I choose album name as “TRACKED”.

· albumgroupid = which I took default as intercepted request.

3) Taking reference of above request, I have created the CSRF PoC which have all the parameters is in hidden state as shown in below image and save this as csrf.html.

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4) Open this file in the browser and click on the submit button.

5) As I open “somesite.com” in new tab and I can see the album “TRACKED ” has been created.

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· How to fix:

1. Add a CSRF token to verify that the request is coming from a legit user.

2. You can also verify the request using the referrer header.

3. We can use same site cookie attribute also .

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