How to train your employees on cybersecurity best practices

Gupta Bless
5 min readMay 21


As organizations increasingly invest in mission-critical infrastructure, they must protect themselves against a wide variety of threats that could compromise their most private data. Humans, regardless of role or profile, are always the organization’s weakest link. They either don’t realize that anything is broken or they forget to fix it. Cyberattacks on a massive scale are occurring because of human error.

Employees are a common target of social engineering attacks, which rely on the victim’s naivety to convince them to click on malicious links that would ultimately lead them to the attacker’s domain. Even if the worker isn’t taken to a new page, he or she may still be able to download and install malware on the company’s computers. Large volumes of private information, such as customers’ personal details, financial records, etc., are being handled by businesses today.

Training employees is crucial, as it helps protect both the individual and the company. Training is risky for both individuals and the company as a whole, necessitating some form of in-house provision at all times. Employees who have received training on data protection and privacy regulations related to it have a greater ability to follow basic security measures, such as knowing which links to click or emails to forward to the security team for review. There are a few different approaches to educate the worker. Let’s talk about a few of the most popular ones that businesses utilize.

Encouraging vigilance and reporting by employees.

When employees are given the responsibility to act as the first line of defense, they become more vigilant in their monitoring of potentially dangerous behavior, and businesses are able to take advantage of their combined knowledge to identify dangers at an early stage. By which means, that threat can be a major incident, and well-trained staff can lessen its impact. Training employees on what to do in the event of an issue and how to get in touch with the security team or other relevant parties will help the security team enable rapid resolution.

The majority of modern companies have incident handling procedures in place, outlining what workers…

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