Learning more about “Threat Hunting”

Gupta Bless
6 min readMar 26, 2022
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A threat can be a newly found incident that has the potential to cause widespread damage to the system. Conditions or any form of occurrence that has the potential to destroy or harm the system in many ways can be considered a threat to the system. There are numerous examples, such as corrupting data and altering its integrity, disclosing sensitive information, and many more.

Because dangers might exist in any business, it is vital to identify and categories them. As a result, businesses require threat hunters to identify potential threats, and this process can be either automatic or manual.

What is Threat Hunting?


It is a technique used by a trained and experienced security analyst or researcher to uncover threats that have gone unnoticed or are undetectable within an organization’s or in its information security.

Experience in threat hunting is required since a person must dig deeper for information, which may include searching for information on the Dark Web and discussing it with colleagues, as well as experimenting with various ways and techniques. In order to be a competent threat hunter and security expert, one must look for open source information that may be taken from forums and systems such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and intrusion prevention systems (IPS). To conduct threat hunting, there are a variety of tools and websites that are available, and companies may choose to simulate the situation in order to detect potential dangers in the system.

If something malicious is identified in logs, such as a basic pattern or a payload for an undisclosed vulnerability, it is possible that an attacker will utilize this information to exploit the hole in the organization. It is vital to recognize these types of malicious queries or payloads since they may serve as the beginning point for an exploit to be developed. If an organization is successful in identifying a threat, they can save money, time, and reputation, and they may even be able to close gaps in the system that could otherwise exist. As a result, conducting…



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