Securing wireless Networks

Gupta Bless
5 min readFeb 13, 2021

Now days wireless security have same importance as physical security because most of the devices by which we communicate are connected to wireless networks. So let us explore what is wireless, how devices connected to them and how we can secure them. In not only office, home but everywhere we can see the role of wireless and its importance in life of human.

What is Wireless network ?

In Wireless, network data travels over air with the help of electromagnetic radio waves and it also a type of “unguided media” as the signal gets propagated in the air without any guidance. We can see the example of wireless network in our homes where we use Wi-Fi. Now days wireless devices only have vertical rod type antenna that help to send and receive signal. Configuration can be done in 2-way:

· Ad-hoc/Independent basic service set: In this type of adapter connections can be established to or from the adapter

· Infrastructure/Basic service set: In this, we need access point i.e. through which adapter is connected to other devices and the MAC address of AP used as BSSID (Basic service set identifier). In ESS, we can group more than one BSS.

In LAN, AP is connected through cables by which it can transmit signal or traffic to the attached devices.

Note: In wireless network, each device need adapter compatibility as per the AP


We have two types of AP:

· Fat AP: Here firmware is enough to handle the client and assign the IP without the need of a wireless controller.

· Thin AP: Here AP needs the help of wireless controller.

In a wireless network, all devices which is working as an AP has an ID assigned to it i.e, known as SSID (Service set identifier). We can grouped multiple AP if we want to extend the network i.e. known as ESSID (Extended SSID).

Security: At the time of transmission of data, eavesdropping is easier as compare to physical devices.

Wireless Controllers: If we need to manage multiple AP then it difficult to do it manually because if a problem occurs it will not be easy for us to troubleshoot it. For this we have RUCKS or Ubiquiti, developed by CISCO for…



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