The Role of Blockchain in Cyber Security

Gupta Bless
5 min readApr 1


In the field of cybersecurity, a lot of interest has been generated by blockchain technology’s ability to offer secure and transparent data storage and transit. A blockchain is simply an immutable digital ledger that records transactions in a form that is both decentralized and secure. It also makes it easier to verify one’s identification.

The privacy and safety of online dealings and data storage have been greatly improved by this relatively new technology. The field of cybersecurity is predicted to see a rise in its use of this technology over the next few years

What is a blockchain?


The blockchain is a chain of blocks, and each block comprises a series of transactions that must be validated by participants in the network, often known as nodes, before it can be added to the chain. The functionality of a blockchain is not centralized under the control of a single authority or entity. Instead, the network of nodes works together to validate transactions and keep the blockchain’s integrity intact. This ensures that the data that is stored on the blockchain is tamper-proof and immutable, which makes it an ideal technology for applications that require secure and transparent record-keeping, such as financial transactions, supply chain management, and identity verification. Among other applications, blockchain technology is ideal for applications that require secure and transparent record-keeping.

A number of other cryptographic procedures, like hashing and digital signatures, are used in conjunction with one another to provide the blockchain with its necessary level of protection. Hence, blockchain is a method by which we store and communicate data. It does this by offering a platform for record-keeping that is secure, transparent, and decentralized.

How blockchain will be helpful to enhance the cybersecurity

Until this point, our knowledge of blockchain and its application to cyber security has been rather fundamental. We now have a better grasp of how blockchain…

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