Zero Trust security for containerized application

Gupta Bless
5 min readApr 30


As its name suggests, the zero-trust principle does not put any trust in applications running inside of containers. This means that neither system, user, or software can be relied on in any way. Thus, authentication and authorization are required for any application or user wanting to communicate with containerized applications.

This Zero trust method is only achievable in a containerized environment with rigorously enforced authentication and permission policies. Reasons for this include the fact that corporations do not put their faith in a single layer authentication process and the fact that modern attackers can use a wide variety of techniques to circumvent security measures. It’s also possible that malicious behavior, including tampering with sensitive data, is already under way in approved processes following valid authentication, when programs receive authorization to access additional applications or processes. Therefore, we need a few more things like network segmentation, the least privilege principle, etc., to cut down on all this and successfully keep the Zero Trust in a containerized environment.

How we can implement it in containerized environment ?


Creation of Zero Trust policy

Senior staff members are able to draft this policy and outline the concepts and rules that will govern data access, data movement, etc. Who can access the data, what kind of authentication system must be put in place to access the data, and what procedures must be followed if we need to revoke the data are all examples of what we mean by “access toward the data.” Different kinds of data exist within an organization, and it’s important to prioritize the security of the most sensitive information. Therefore, it is necessary to identify private information and assets.

Which device data will travel from and what data boundaries will be set can be determined. This restricts the app’s access to the data within certain limits. Establishing access control across the various network…

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